Our New Homes
Labrador Retriever
My name is Hoot and my new home is with the Navarrette family in Florida  

My name is Ella May Clampatt and my new home is with Jenna Jo in Kentucky.  
My name is Jenny and my new home is with the O'Clair Family in Connecticut  
My name is FoxyRoxy and my new home is in Michigan. We have so much fun together.
My name is Riesie and my new home is in Ohio.
Scout lives with his new family in Tennessee.
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Kaylin Moran
Kennesaw, GA
My name is Daisy and my new home is Evansville, IN. 
DeVault Family
This is Julep I go to Puppy Day Care during the day. I live in Prospect, KY
Richard Parisi
Cody Born 10/28/07  Dory & Dodger's Pup
Owner's Christine Vitrano & Wayne Reichert
Mullica, NJ
Tucker Born 02/04/06 Dusty & Dodger Pup Owner's Singleton Family, Hawesville, KY
Whaley Family they are so excited to have a new addition to the family
Theresa &Todd Best.
Also Indi and her new playmate Ella

Ty and Titan taking a nap.